Cultural Analysis International specializes in tailored personal training for individuals, groups, and organizations. The following is an example of some of the workshops and training we do:

Multiculturalism in the Work Place (MCT)
Multiculturalism training is concentrated to create awareness among the employees of organizations who are working with people from different cultural backgrounds. This program provides knowledge and skills which are highly required to function effectively and efficiently in multicultural work environments. This program also facilitates the individuals to overcome the prejudice and help them to handle the cross-cultural conflicts at work places.

Cultural Awareness Training (CAT)
CAT enables individuals to explore how culture shapes people behavior, business, and international operations. CAT makes individuals practice their cross-cultural skills and uncover new ways of thinking and working. CAT provides confidence, knowledge and expertise to view the world with alternative perspective and reveals how cultural differences can be utilized in order to achieve individual and organizational success.

Diversity Training (DT)
DT develops individual attitudes towards diversity and encourages appreciating people of different age, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, etc. DT sheds light on the ways in which managers can deal successfully with the diverse work force; explains how diverse teams can achieve good results; and how organizations can benefit from the diversity in general.

Expatriate Relocation Training (ERT)
ERT is designed to provide training to expatriates and help them adjust and perform better in the new country. In addition, ERT assesses cross cultural capability of expatriates and offers advice on developing capabilities that are essential for succeeding in the overseas assignment.

Doing Business in India Training (DBIT)
DBIT can focus on various aspects depending on the client needs. For example, separate sessions can focus on (1) Indian business and culture, (2) Building relationship in India, (3) Managing the Indian employees, (4) Meeting and negotiating with Indians, (5) Working with Indians, and (6) Expatriation in India.

The above mentioned programs are some of the example of training programs which we offer. However, we customize all the training programs according to our client’s need and interest. All trainings can be performed for individuals as well as for the groups.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning the services and consultations we offer. We will be happy to assist you in tailoring a program suited just for your organization.