CQ Assessment

In the global business environment the success of an individual or company depends on their CQ. CQ (Cultural Intelligence Quotient) is the capability to function effectively across national, ethnic, and organizational cultures.

CQ is similar to IQ and EQ which focuses upon the skills and capabilities needed to succeed internationally in any international, multicultural and cross-cultural encounters.

CQ assessment was developed over 25 years of research by the “Cultural Intelligence Center, USA”, because 90% of leading executives from 68 countries names multicultural leadership as their top management challenge.

CQ assessment is essential for high profile managers who are managing international teams, for middle-level managers who are preparing for the assignment abroad, or for the personnel who are obliged to work in a highly challenging international environment.

CQ assessment is used for:
– Multicultural workforce development
– Expatriate Assignment
– Managing cross-cultural teams
– Managing culturally diverse workforce
– Managing joint ventures
– Global relocation programs
– Developing global leaders
– Managing cross-cultural negotiations
– Mergers and acquisitions
– Managing foreign subsidiaries

CQ is assessed by CQ self-assessment and CQ multi-rater assessment that evaluates and develops multicultural leadership and international managerial skills. CQ measures four distinct capabilities:

CQ Drive is the level of interests, drive and motivation to adopt interculturally.
CQ Knowledge is the level of understanding about how cultures are similar and different.
CQ Strategy is the degree to which one is mindful, aware, and able to plan for multicultural interactions.
CQ Action is the degree to which one can appropriately change verbal and nonverbal actions.

These four capabilities can also be thought of as the four steps towards developing overall cultural intelligence as well as going towards organizational success in the international business.

Cultural Analaysis International:
– facilitates the CQ assessment
– assists professionals and global leaders in creating the development plan and follows up improvements of the CQ capabilities