Cultural Analysis International provides expert solutions to help organizations to meet challenges in the global business environment. The solutions are provided by understanding the client’s needs and challenges thoroughly.

The following are some of the areas in which we are specialized in providing research and consulting:

– Cross-cultural Management
– Diversity Management
– Employee integration in multicultural work environment
– Multicultural team building
– Managing multicultural work force
– Doing business and managing companies in India
– Cultural integration in cross-border mergers and acquisitions


The qualitative research brings numerous benefits for organizations to understand the true intentions, real opinions, beliefs and attitudes of the individuals. Qualitative research enables to identify the differences, challenges and skills in the multicultural and diverse settings. By identifying the perceptions of diverse individuals, organizations are able to bring integration in the work place.

Therefore, Cultural Analysis International is specialised in providing qualitative research for gathering in-depth information related to human resources, cross-cultural management issues, diversity issues and Indian business operation challenges.